The Green Light Cleanse

The Green Light Cleanse

Thousands of people have benefited from our cleanse!

Foods such as refined carbs and sugar can trigger the inflammatory process in your body which leads to fatigue and sickness. A great way to reset your taste buds and eliminate toxins and cravings for these foods is the Green Light Cleanse.


The Green Light Cleanse combines cleansing and nourishing.


The most effective cleanse is at least 5 days with the least amount of chewing. However, you can choose to do as many days as you like. If you feel like you need to eat solid food, it is best to choose foods that are raw and vegan like avacados, sprouts, and salads with lots of veggies.


Try the Green Light Granola to snack on throughout the day, as well as Organic Living Superfood snacks that are 100% organic, raw, and vegan.

What you get.

1. Wheatgrass Juice

Start each day of the cleanse with a 2 ounce wheatgrass shot. Wheatgrass is the most nutritious food that anyone could ever consume. It helps to deliver oxygen to the human cell. [Learn More]

2. Probiotic

About 20 minutes after consuming the Wheatgrass shot, drink the first of three Probiotic drinks for the day.  The Probiotic helps to digest matter sticking to the intestines that prohibit absorption of nutrients, and promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestines.

3.  The Green Light Juice

Once you have had your wheatgrass shot, and the first probiotic drink, it’s time to  consume the first of three Green Light Juice drinks.

Then repeat, by alternating consumption of the probiotic and green light juice drinks.

Key to Success

For optimal cleansing you could choose to eliminate all alcohol, caffeine, meat, dairy, eggs, fish, and all processed, so called “foods”.


No matter your current state of health, whether it be super fit, super sick, or somewhere in between, you can improve your health with The Green Light Cleanse!

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The Investment

Each day of The Cleanse costs $65.


Bring your own cooler, or borrow one of ours. A $20 deposit will apply and is refundable when the cooler is returned.