Nutrient rich juiced vegetables. Enjoy our signature blends or create your own vegetable juice.


Choose from one of Raw Dave’s favorites or create your own combination – then amp it up with one of our super food ingredients!


If wheatgrass is the “wonder herb”, then ginger is the “wonder spice”.  A one or two ounce shot of each is your best shot for immense health benefits!


The café features an expanded Mediterranean and vegan menu, including a selection of ready-to-go or made-to-order items!


The Green Light

The Green Light is a nutrition and wellness company providing a road map to optimal health by offering an unmatched experience of excellence with amazing juices, smoothies, vegan meals, cleanses and classes.


The Green Light’s mission is to transform the way humans eat by empowering and educating people on the best way to nourish their bodies while increasing energy, eliminating illness, and improving overall wellness.


Visiting The Green Light is an experience our customers tend to share with everyone they meet because we positively impact both heart and mind of our patrons.  We strive to create a spiritual community both at the workplace and beyond; exuding excitement and commitment to total wellness that overflows into the community and populations we serve.

David O’Brien, Founder

David O’Brien, founder of The Green Light, is a respected nutrition and health expert, well-known across the South Shore of Boston, MA. He has been featured in various health magazines and talk shows for his work that has changed thousands of people’s lives.


David’s passion for healthy eating began 10 years ago when he set out on a journey to find out not only what it takes for the human body to survive, but what it takes on a cellular level for the human body to thrive. Dedicating thousands of hours to researching the human body, David traveled the country volunteering at raw food kitchens to learn as much as possible – taking whatever measures necessary including sleeping in his car and taking showers at the local gyms.


Having initially set out with the goal to learn how to help other people, David made changes to his own diet along the way and quickly experienced drastic improvement in his personal health.  Today David continues on his quest to help other people through his work at The Green Light with locations in Duxbury, Pembroke, Marshfield, Cohasset, and Hingham.


The Green Light Cleanse

Thousands of people have benefited from the Green Light Cleanse!


The Green Light Cleanse combines cleansing and nourishing.  To achieve the best results, we recommend 5 consecutive days on The Cleanse. However, you can choose to do as many days as you like.  Some people feel like the juice and probiotics are more than enough to get through the day, but those who feel they need to eat solid food, can supplement with raw and vegan items like avacados, sprouts, and salads with lots of veggies.  Need even more?  You can add our Green Light Granola to snack on throughout the day, as well as the Organic Living Superfood snacks available in our store – all are 100% organic, raw, and vegan.

What Green Light Customers are Saying


Well worth the investment!

In the past six months, I’ve become a regular customer of the Green Light.  It’s at the center of my healthy living plan.  I’ve completed multiple juice cleanses, including one lasting ten days.  I’ve lost 20 lbs. and become a better eater as my diet is increasingly plant-based.  My last blood test showed a drop in total cholesterol from 180 to 130 and a similar decline in blood glucose levels.  I still suffer from occasional junk food binges, but the Green Light helps me rebound quickly and get back on track.  I typically have one large “Green Light” juice per day and am a regular buyer of the soups and veggie rolls.  Overall, I’m healthier, thinner, and I have more energy.  Becoming a regular at the Green Light is well worth the investment!


First stop every morning.

The Green Light is our favorite new establishment in Duxbury.  It’s the perfect way to start a healthy day! LuAnn & daughter Elizabeth

Allison Berry, Berry Creative


Effortless weight loss.

I was first introduced to the Green Light juice by a friend, reluctantly sipping the bright green drink.  Since then, TGL has become my destination #1 after dropping the kids at school.


Having tried The Cleanse, I now enjoy a daily mini-cleanse by picking up a probiotic drink to assist digestion and a large Green Light, with extra ginger! Add in a vegan lunch item and I’m ready for a productive day.


I’ve not only enjoyed the effortless weight loss and the increased energy I’ve experienced by drastically changing my eating habits; I enjoy the daily camaraderie with the awesome, knowledgeable staff along with all the other patrons who make TGL the first stop in their travels each day too.